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Ithaca College Environmental Society (ICES)

Founded in 1988, the Ithaca College Environmental Society has as its mission to promote environmental awareness and responsibility on our campus through education, activism, and stewardship, while reaching out both within our campus and to the larger community of Ithaca.

Some of the achievements of ICES, past and present, include:

Comprehensive Environmental Plan - ICES collaborated with the Resource and Environmental Management Program (REMP) and with college administrators to develop the Comprehensive Environmental Plan, which was adopted in April 2001.

Earth Week Activities - Each year, ICES takes the lead in programming an extensive roster of activities around Earth Week in late April.

For more information, see Past Events.

In 2006, ICES collaborated with a number of campus organizations to bring to campus Mark Hertsgaard, author of “Earth Odyssey.”

View the poster for this event.

Energy Reduction Campaign - ICES’ Energy Working Group collaborated with the Office of Residential Life and the Office of First Year Programming to install shower timers in first year residence halls. ICES also developed “Flip It Off” light switch plate stickers to remind people to turn off their lights when leaving their office or work area.

30% Recycled Content Paper Policy - ICES students participated along with REMP volunteers to conduct a controlled research study during the 1999-2000 academic year, testing the efficacy of 30% recycled content paper over virgin paper. Based upon the favorable results of that first study, a new campus default standard for 30% recycled content paper in office paper was instituted. REMP plans to rerun this research study in Fall 2006, this time testing 100% recycled content office paper – ICES volunteers will no doubt be enlisted to help with the data collection effort.

View the 2000 Recycled Content Paper Research Study

RecycleMania - Along with REMP Resource Reps and recycling management staff, ICES gets involved in the annual RecycleMania contest, a friendly competition between participating colleges and universities to encourage its campus community to improve its recycling rates. In 2005, ICES students created eleven "Eco-Beings" out of 100% recyclable materials. Nine eco-people, an eco-cat and an eco-dog were created. These entities were placed around campus to garner attention and encourage increased recycling.

“Green Team” - After home football games, ICES students pick up trash and rescue recyclables from the trash cans. The “green teams” not only help assist the grounds crews to keep the football stadium clean, but also provide bottles and cans which, when redeemed, raise funds for ICES programming.

Organic Garden - ICES broke ground for the garden in April 2001 in its first location down by the campus Compost Facility. The organic garden was moved to its present location by Williams Hall in 2004. The campus community was invited to get involved in the organic garden in summer 2006.

Ithaca College Environmental Society